Sunday, November 13, 2005

Recipe: Profanely Sacred Sangria

Serving up the Sangria!
[oh gawd...i look like a big italian mama in this shot!]

My housie Kimmy & I made this for our party on Saturday night, it got glowing reviews, such as:
"Gosh, I don't usually drink sangria at parties, but this is great!"
-I think Stella said that...

This is a two-day process, so be prepared...

The Night Before the Party...
Into a clean bucket, or large punchbowl put:
- 2 x 750ml bottles of a dry red - preferably a Spanish dry red if you want to get really authentic.
- half bottle of either vodka or Cointreau
- small bottle of brandy
- 2 x diced oranges
- juice of half a lemon (go easy)
- 1 x diced lime (squeeze as you go)
- 1 x tablespoon of honey or more if you like it really sweet
- 6 x cinnamon sticks (break a few of these up so the flavor escapes)
- Optional fruit: apricots, apples, grapes etc.
- Optional spice: star anise, nutmeg, damiana?
- Cover bowl with glad wrap & put in fridge overnight.

Just Before the Guests Arrive...
- might want to filter out the blood red orange chunks & cinnamon splinters
- add in one bottle of high-quality lemonade or soda water: eg. Schweppes etc.
- add splash of champagne (or half bottle depending on yr taste!)
- 10 x strawberries sliced lengthways
- fresh mint leaves (optional)
- ice

Serve up in heavy glass goblets for that euro feel.


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