Thursday, September 29, 2005

20 Random Facts about the Stormweava

Caught this meme late, always been a late bloomer...

1. I really enjoy meditation & sometimes get up to do it at 4.30am.

2. I went on the Everest Trek & it nearly killed me.. but that which does not destroy me ...

3. Have decided that I will never again say the word never.

4. I bathe [shower/bath] twice a day.

5. I once had a dream about a huge mer-whale: she hugged me & told me that I was doing really well, that everything was okay & that all I needed some good loving.

6. I absolutely love my feet being massaged & believe that feet are the most underrated errogenous [sp?] zone.

7. My favorite film of all time is Down by Lawdirected by Jim Jarmusch.

8. When I was a teenager I was horsey-mad and I had nine (9) horses.

9. I believe that the most powerful force in the universe is love, it is the stuff that makes the atoms spin and fuels the turning of galaxies.

10. I'm extremely interested in quantum physics, but really understand very little of it.

11. I love to paint, and one day that's all I will do. When I'm old and wizened I will live in a bush hut and just paint all day and have 20 cats.

12. When I laugh, I mean really laugh, I cackle like a witch.

13. My biggest vice is Swiss chocolate [dark chocolate Lindt balls].

14. I did a course on caring for the terminally ill, and one day I want to do this, but feel that I'm a bit too young for this yet and need to have some fun still.

15. I don't believe in evil: darkness is just the absence of light.

16. I love eating avocados.

17. I love the desert, especially the deserts in the US that are covered with wild sage.

18. Once in the Mojave desert I was sitting alone on a rock outcropping, looking out at the sun come up over the desert, when I felt the hair rise on the back of my neck: someone was looking at me. I turned to see a rough-looking coyote on a nearby outcropping and he stared right into my eyes for a full minute. He was interested in knowing who I was. Then he scurried off into the desert.

19. I can turn my tongue completely upside down and do this often after a few wines to entertain my friends.

20. When I was born I had milk in my breasts. True.


Blogger Icarus said...

Best comment I ever heard on QM was if you understand it, you dont.

I think personally its the most fundermentaly interesting thing there is.

It is also very very neat.


5:12 PM  

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