Thursday, September 08, 2005


Here's a picture of how I feel [by Yoshitomo Nara]:
Every so often I get a headcold of Biblical porportions. *sigh* Man I'm so sick at the moment it really, really isn't fair. And then to top it off in the bathroom this morning I shut my thumb in the door. *ouch*. Its like some fucken karmic rebalancing or something, bumping into the universe really hurts. Or maybe I'm topping up my pre-paid karma and then after I'm sick something wonderful will happen?? ;-) Can only hope.

My pathetic feverish mind spins in little concentric circles. Thank the goddess that I got broadband otherwise I'd surely go mad in my sick depravity. [Should I have a shower today? hmmm... maybe not, I mean, why bother?]

Getting sick is like journeying into the underworld. You have to let go of everything, even your own identity to the bacteria that has invaded you and taken over your consciousness as you are hung up on the meathook of snot. Invader on board. You are forced to let go of your ego, your hopes, your dreams, aspirations and every-fuckn-thing else, and just sit in the present moment of a throbbing headache, spinning head, runny nose and nausea. Reminds me of my rave days. Just to think I used to pay good money to feel like this... ;-)

Anyway, good things are happening despite this despair, new job going well; good friend Kimmy moving into my house, hair is growing. Things will look better once my bleary eyes stop running with fluid.

I love you universe, please make me healthy, being sick is getting a bit boring now, the novelty value has truly passed.

Listening to: Garden State soundtrack and anything Groove Armada [yes, I know, got onto these guys late, but better than never]..... shakin' that [snotty] ass...


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