Saturday, September 03, 2005


I was on the tram the other day and there was this cute little old lady sitting next to me. I had my headphones on and was in my own little headphone-world. She was well-dressed and very smiley. When she sat next to me she sat on the edge of my coat, I pulled it away and she looked me directly in the eye and smiled and said 'sorry'.

Later she moved to the seat opposite me and started a engaging conversation with the man next to her. She was smiling and laughing not only at him, but pulling other people into their conversation. She was being friendly to everyone. I started thinking she was probably a wee bit senile, bit of a nutter, but in a good way... and I caught myself thinking, that how sad that I see this friendliness is a sign of senility. Maybe she's just really, really friendly, but I was not in the mood to engage so kept my headphones on.

As we were getting off the tram she said 'goodbye' to all of us sitting near her, as if we were her life-long friends, I followed her off and she ended up standing next to me at the lights, the little man was red, so we paused. I took my headphones off and the spring sunshine hit my eyes, at that moment she looked up at me [being quite a short little old lady] smiled with an innocent happiness and glee and said: "It's all wonderful isn't it?".

Yes it certainly is.


Blogger Icarus said...

From what you say seems she knew where she was going and what not, I would go with the slightly eccentric.

Just my 2d though.

-How do you want to be offend today?

PS: hope the html is right.

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