Saturday, July 30, 2005

Everyday Poetry

Two poems I've accidentally written recently in the course of my daily activities...
For a sign on my bathroom wall:
old taps dripping precious water, turn off tightly, thank you

Here's one I texted to a friend when I was running late to work:

Slow tram, slow tarot reader, the universe in slow-mo.

I think I'm working too much, its making me funny in the head, but in a good way. And i like short poems, they're much less painful that way for myself & others. Why can't I be T. S. Eliot?.. probably because I'm not.

Anyway, when I got to work there was a leaflet on this thing called the 'slow food' movement.. its a political thing to encourage people to make healthier, slow food as opposed to fast food. So on one hand the world is slowing right down, slow is cool, slow is the shit, but on the other its definitely speeding up.... I saw on a doco recently that the earthquake that caused the Tsunami was so absolutely HUGE [9.1 on the ol' Richter scale] that it actually put a 'wobble' in the rotation of the earth and that this wobble has actually shortened the day by a fraction of a second. FULL ON. So I say to my extraterrestrial friends, beam me up Scotty-my-Pliedian-Love-God this place is getting too crazy for me, but I sure will miss those soy chai's [with honey]...


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