Wednesday, July 13, 2005

One step forward, two steps back..

So straight after I was feeling all warm & fluffy about the state of the planet, and the beautiful unity of Live 8, the London bombs went off.


I just hope the media don’t get on that whole ‘terrorists are evil’ bandwagon. Terrorism is not evil, its just plain stupid, nasty and in the end an absolutely futile way to achieve anything except more destruction & death. Violence against violence never created any peace, not ever in the history of we naked monkeys that learned how to build stuff, type on keyboards, publish blogs and make bombs with our damned opposable thumbs - tool of the devil they are! We should've never got out of the trees.. that's where it all went wrong to start with IMHO.

Branding something ‘evil’ is not going to help anyone, or to create solutions. To brand something evil is disowning it as a human event, saying that some outside ‘bad’ force is causing this event, or that the perpetrators are non-human in some way and their actions controlled by some external, abstract force. Its our way of distancing ourselves and disowning responsibility as a whole. We call them monsters, or whatever, but they are humans just like us, with reasons and motivations for what they do, however illogical they might seem.

To point the finger and call something ‘evil’ is us as a society not wanting to look at ourselves, our dark side, our collective shadow. This is a cop-out and relieves us of the chance to actually try to understand why someone undertakes such extreme actions. In this time we need to focus on understanding why, not on demonizing.

I want to know why these people did this. What is their motivation? Do they feel so separate that they have to cause destruction to draw attention to their separateness? How did we swing from such a feeling of globally unified consciousness one day, over to the other extreme of separatism and extreme polarity the very next day? My mind is having trouble grokking all of this shit, time to go to bed and hopefully wake up in a new world tomorrow morning. Love, peace & non-violence, Stormi out. xxxxx

(Ps... bless, bless, blessed be that my good friend MxD living in London is alive and well, bless her little cotton socks, Stormi was worried... here is a photo of her, she's so damn cute.)


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