Saturday, July 02, 2005

2046 - film review

How do you get back to the place where you were the happiest? And then, how do you get back from there? In this film most people never come back from '2046' - they're stuck in the place where they were the happiest - in the past. But the narrator comes back, he takes the long train back that stretches out for years through time. ... If this film was text it would be a poem. There is something so gorgeous about this film... its about the transience of things, how you can't really hold onto those moments that are 'peaks'. Also about how people fail to really connect, how the timing is often more wrong than right, and regrets. The people that the narrator falls in love with aren't in love with him and his own self-sabotage leads him away from real happiness.

At first I was looking for meaning, for plot, storyline, but when I let go of those limiting concepts, and let the film just wash over me it became a much more enjoyable experience. I give it 4 stars **** for the texture of the experience... xx


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