Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Single Girls Guide to Surviving a Melbourne Winter

1. > Firstly, have a good bed: the nest is most important... one can add accessories too... like a woollen underlay (mmmmm); feather doona; flannelette sheets!; flannel pj's; fluff-covered hot water bottle (only on really cold nights b/c the old HWB has some serious single-girl connotations); some fluffy throw cushions; A TEDDY BEAR; too many pillows (i have currently four plus the two throw cushions).

2. > Good books! Anything by Chuck Palahnuik or ...

3. > Good soups: organic potato & leak soup; anything lentil; anything bean feast - YUMBLES!

4. > Massage: Shiatsu / Swedish or Foot.

5. > A good heater - I currently possess a kick-arse radiant heater that heats up my room in 15mins. Am thinking of getting a timer on it so that it starts up before I get out of bed in the morning.

6. > Good friends and a high quality red wine.

7. > A furry pet - ie. cat or small cute dog or small man.

8. > Your own creativity.

9. > Crappy TV to lull your mind into a state of complacency ie. Big Brother or Super Nanny (I can't believe they took so long to think of that show! - I mean it seems so obvious to me. Go and tell people how to raise their kids, the one thing our society needs sorting out.)

10. > I've run out of ideas... anyone??


Blogger kaz said...

10. beanis,scarfs, fingerless gloves, leg warmers and stockings underneath pants.
Thermos to top it off and that's before you get out the door!

5:47 AM  

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