Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Weird moments in TV Land

Last night I was watching Rove - yes, I know, I should know better. But we were waiting for the comedian Steven Wright to come on. Anyway, they had the most surreal segment where they'd gathered about 500 very naked and very drunk men to race across a football field in the dark cold night. At the other end they grabbed a pair of underpants and raced back . One pair of underpants glowed under "csi light" and the person who got them won $5,000. After the race they turned the lights off on the football field and then cruised past all the lined up crotches with the CSI light to find the glowing underpants. THIS WAS ALL ON PRIME TIME TV. The guys who didn't have the glowing pants flashed to all the world their "meat and two veg". It was truly a surreal piece of television madness. I think all concerned, even Rove, were completely blown away by it.

It is my prophetic belief that this event portends the end of the human race. This event is evidence that as a race, we have reached the pinnacle of our achievement, and are now on the downhill run of evolution. Yes, folks, this is it, we've had our peak, the party's over, now we should let the pussy cats take over. *Actually, on a side note, come to think of it, these cute little furry animals have been studying us for a few thousand years now, real up close and personal, they've evolved to the point pretty much where another animal feeds them, cleans out their kitty tray, de-parasites them and gives them affection and love, and all they have to do is purr and look cute... That is a pretty crafty bit of evolutionary survival.

We are doomed.


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