Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Last night went and saw the film Closer with Jude Law (who's in everything lately) and he's ok, but I thought Natalie & Clive blew him away acting-wise. I haven't really processed it mentally yet, but maybe that's because I forgot to eat before and felt kind of strange eating just popcorn & a mint choc-top for dinner. But anyway, it had some really cool themes about love & relationships and how much truth you tell, and how much you lie and what to keep to yourself.

In the end the character who told the most truth (Larry the doctor), and who is the most honest about who he is - at one point he says in a furious rage (about his partner's affair): "I want to know because I'm a fucking ape!" - he ends up winning, even though he has to be quite treacherous to do so, but treacherous in an honest way.

In the end I felt that it was a realistic, if not a bit archtypal, symbolic portrayal of the way people are in r'ships. Particularly the animalistic aspects of ourselves that want to own people at all costs, or the guilty, shameful pleasure of an affair and the real cost of lying to someone.

But in the end honesty and truth win out.

Favorite scene would have to be the one in the strip club with Larry and Alice (Clive & Natalie Portman - see photo below) they are both great in this scene. Amazing acting. Loved it.


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I think the movie was simply superb. And the theme song "The Blower's Daughter" by Damien Rice was equally spellbounding!

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