Friday, January 18, 2008

A New Era..

As you may have noticed I've not posted to this blog for awhile (wow! August, that's some time!). That's because it's OldMeri and It's time for something new. Sacred Profanities is going to sleep soon.. I shall be archiving this entire blog soon.. but not to fear! NewMeri is starting a new blog!

My new blog will be at:

A place where you can have your cake and eat it too!!

And remember: I love you and the cake you rode in on!

Friday, August 24, 2007

an actual blog entry...

Today I'm saving my blog from becoming a 'ghost site' drifting on the currents of the internet. Yes, hi, it's me, I'm back. And I'm writing a blog entry. Today. Right now.

What have I been doing? First the unpleasant bit...

I got the flu really, really bad and have spent the last 2 weeks sick sick sick and then I got sicker. Fresh levels of hell were explored and then just as I thought okay, surely, that's it. No, further down I went, newer fresher levels of hell were there to be explored. T'was like Dante's inferno.

And being one of those people who "never gets sick", it was a blow to my sense of reality. Let me tell ya.

I even went to the doctor (haven't been for 3 years) whereupon I discovered that my Medicare card was out of date so I HAD TO ACTUALLY PAY THEM REAL MONEY. What kind of free healthcare system is this if i have to actually pay?

Then 2 days later I discovered that the antibiotics he gave me made my stomach completely go southwards in an incredibly unpleasant way. Somehow I've become allergic to antibiotics, so I had to stop taking them.

So I went to the Chinese doctor and got some serious cupping, herbs and acupuncture etc.

Whinge, whinge whinge... anyway, getting better now. (fingers crossed).

Moral of this story is that getting sick is no fun at all and has a glamour quotient of zero.

Then today, my first day of feeling better a few GOOD THINGS HAPPENED:
  1. I discovered and now that I have unlimited broadband that doesn't cost a month's rent I can listen to internet radio and NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE AGAIN.
  2. I noticed that little white blossoms have appeared all over my neighbourhood - SPRING IS HERE.
  3. I realized that even though it's not good internet protocol sometimes I LIKE TO WRITE IN ALL CAPS. It pleases the 8 year old inside me that felt she was never heard. So there.
  4. I visited my Chinese doctor and he said that the 'chi' is back in my voice and that means I'm getting better.
  5. Got offered another job, which even though I'm not sure I'll take it, is a nice thing to have happen out of the blue.
  6. Started to read another Terry Pratchett book, The Wee Free Men.
  7. Visited my dog-friend Googi the Wonderdog, who is a Jack Russell terrier of the most supreme intelligence.
  8. Made myself some organic potato & leek soup.
  9. Played around on Facebook for awhile. It's growing on me.
  10. Realized that good health is a mighty fine thing.
May you dear SP reader (if you are out there still) be healthy wherever you may be... xxx

Friday, August 03, 2007

David Tennant & Catherine Tate

Sometimes the Brits do really great comedy. I love this... (Dr Who fans enjoy! Yes, geek I am.)

"Bite me alien boy!" ... Sacred Profanities goes all interactive-like... :-)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Slackest Blogger in the World...

...will shortly make up for it - I promise.

My excuse?

Mars has been in Aries for the last 6 weeks and as a beast that is ruled by said red planet it means i've been a busy little warrior ram thing. To celebrate this grand old Aries time that only comes every two years, and also to celebrate the solstice I lashed out on a pair of these babies.. (much thanx to the G-spot for your encouragement).... like only the sexiest goddamn boots on the WHOLE freakin' planet.... So anyhoo, its 11.21pm Oz time and this little ram is exhausted. More soon I promise: remember BIG BUNNY LOVES YOU & MISSES YOU HEAPS *MWAH* BIG KISS!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

NIN: They still smash guitars don't they?

... they certainly do. OMG!! I went to the NIN gig last Monday night and was totally BLOWN AWAY by this band. It was at the Metro & I was up on some stairs right by the stage. At the end of the night the lead guitarist smashed his guitar on the rigging right infront of me [was hit by flying bits of destroyed guitar] - it made me very happy that people still care enough to smash their instruments. Was very rock'n'roll & tres excitement. [pics taken on my 1.2 megapixel Nokia phone].the pit

Monday, April 16, 2007

birfday pic's...

Hi, here's some pic's from me birfday... I had the good camera out & then after a few more champers forgot all about it - doh .. so these are from the phone camera at the restaurant, grainy & tres arty looking...
Criseyde & Helena studying the menu
Marco & dj Hoper
Criseyde looking very Audrey Hepburn
Even more Audrey than before..

a prayer

miss maddi moo surrounded by things on my bed

HRH Maddi Moo.. (with her map, ready to go..)

Friday, April 06, 2007

M2006 reunion..

I broke one of my rules: I never do reunions.. but life is all about breaking one's own rules and also doing things you say you'll never do. But I went to this about a month ago and had a pretty good time, it was great to see the crew. Thanks Cath Ellis for the pic's..
Meri & Deb Deb (so nice I named her twice)
Tamsin & the fabulous Gerard (note Sierra Leone t-shirt, methinks he had something to do with those 12 Sierra Leone athletes who escaped the village & defected into the wilds of Australia)
laffin'... for 'tis truly an absurd & beautiful life.. xx

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Book: Short Short Stories

I picked this up at Reader's Feast for a tiny $3.95, it's part of Penguin's 70 Year's Birthday celebration series - 70 'novlets' by authors ranging from Chekov to Hunter S. Thompson, all for the wonderfully cheap price. I got Eggers because I've been so inspired by his writing before, he writes so cleanly, clearly and simply. His voice is strong and vibrant and so easy to read. Each story is very short - around 400 words. Here is a link to most of the stories on The Guardian's website in the UK. My favorite one is: Woman, Foghorn which starts off as a story about a woman who lives in a small landlocked town but who yearns for the sound of foghorns so she decides to move - the narrative then morphs into a criticism of the Bush Administration - all in 400 words! Only Eggers can pull something like this off [unfortunately this is the only one I can't find up on the Guardian site, but the rest are up there for your reading enjoyment]. Here is an excerpt from another, Sleep to Dreamier Sleep Be Wed:
"There was a group of people, called the Americans, who once had a very vivid nightmare, simultaneously. The nightmare, which lasted many years, was nightmarish in many ways - but one notable facet was that in this nightmare the vice-president of their country was someone so outwardly and cartoonishly evil that his existence seemed ludicrous and wholly unbelievable, even in a nightmare. In the history of nightmare-villains and movie-villains and villains drawn with crayons by troubled children, this man stood above them all, though he was not very tall. Or maybe he was tall, but it was impossible to tell, given he walked very much like a hunchback, his head set deep into his shoulders and favouring one side. This way of walking seemed suspect, but it was nothing compared with the way he spoke. He spoke out of a small and dark corner of his mouth, in a way that was so comically fiendish that it seemed a put-on. If an improvising actor, asked to conjure a bad man or perhaps a minion of Satan, conceived of such a way of talking, his acting coach would say, "No, no. Pull back. Way back. We're doing the vice-president here - not Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein." But this was indeed the way the vice-president spoke and walked. And his laugh? A mirthless thing, a chilling "Heh heh heh" (again, emitted from a dank corner of his mouth) accompanied by a forced shaking of his round fleshy back." Read the rest here.
I also picked up Hunter S. Thompson: Happy Birthday Jack Nicolson. Great reading for only $3.95 and you cannot beat that folks! ;-)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

When Good Dinner Parties Go BAD

... that's BAD as in the 80's african-american sense, as in "Get busy with yo bad self!" bad - which means very very good in a wicked way... Here are some pic's from a dinner party I went to a few weeks ago at the fabulous Hope Perkins' house. She rocks hard that gal. Everything started off very civilised with some amazing entrees (garlic prawns being a true highlight) and sophisticated conversation and then somehow it all went a bit wildish.. as all good parties are prone to do! - Gawd, I'm such a ham for the camera after a few Pinot Noirs.

We look pretty civilised here.
Marco & Hope
My gawd we are all sooo damn sexy we should have our own sit-com.

Cultural Juggernauts: Buffy

So for some reason (travelling through India & didn't own a TV for a few years) I missed one of the greatest cultural juggernauts of the last 10 years.. yes, I'm talkng about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thanks to the gorgeous & talented Ms Cobwebsky I've now launched on the Winter Buffy Catch Up program. Last night we watched the first 7 episodes accompanied by genuine French champers & lashings of Turkish Delight ice cream. My Buffy hymen has been well & truly pierced (ew, not sure I like that metaphor but anyhoo)... So here I go diving headlong into the wonderfully written & plotted Buffy-verse. How inspiring to see such a strong female warrior archetype who also just wants to date & do nailpolish.. Loving it. I feel so good to know that a whole generation of women have been influenced by her. ... And better late than never for moi I guess. ;-)


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Inspiring Art ...Amy Sol

Gorgeous fantasy art; nice site too...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

New Home for Moi..

Hi kids, it's been a long while between posts... I've moved house & also just started another 30 day yoga challenge. Been a busy little beaver lately, so this post will be short but so sweet... here's some pics of my new home...

The new Meri Nest.

Balcony view.

Out the kitchen window - my very own town hall clock!

Local Fitzroy street art....

The eagle has landed.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Fireworks, Comet & Thunder

Very cool photo that is doing the rounds: click on it to see the comet in the middle... taken on Australia Day, Jan 26th in Perth, W.A.