Wednesday, August 23, 2006


.. purr purr...

Got it.

Woooo-hoooo!! I got the job. Yes sireee permanent full-time employment with super & sick days & 4 weeks paid holidays/year & all of that bizzo. This sacred & profane corporate poet warrior is exhausted. Goodnight. xxx

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hangin' in there...

Dear Three or Four Very Gorgeous People who Read my blog...

Firstly, I love you... and this is how I love you...
"I don't love you as if you were a rose of salt,
topaz or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:
I love you as one loves certain dark things,
secretly, between the shadow and the soul."

-Pablo Neruda, translated by Stephen Tapscott
*100 Love Sonnets*
Secondly, apologies for not posting for awhile. I'm having a v.busy time lately out in the 'real' world, so my geeking time has been rather limited. I hope you are all well & rosy & that the shiney ball of light in the sky has blasted millions of photons into your eyes making you smile.

Thirdly, join Bookish! Yeah, do it! It'll be fun! Yeah! GO GO GO!

Over & out The Weaver of Storms ... xxx

PS.... How is the Corporate Poet at the National Telco/IT going? Well, I'm still at 'temp' status, but they've put me in charge of buying the chardonnay, cab sav & nibblies for Friday afternoon drinks so things are looking good. :-)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Site Launch: Are you Bookish?

Tonight at 11pm alone in my garrett, my little low-rent escape pod, with the laundry strewn all around on every point at which I can hang things, listening to Radiohead [Kid A, followed by OK Computer - I know old skool, takes me awhile sometimes] I officially launched my plan B for world domination... drum roll please...

Get in quick, stock options can't be far away... ;-)

On a personal note, I can't believe I've made it through the winter without too many serious existentialist crises... or getting addicted to reality tv crap like Big Brother or eating too many Mint Slices...

Bring on spring... I'm ready!!!

I love you lovely people who read my blog, thanks for dropping by ... WE ALL made it through another Melbourne winter. Congratulations, the jasmine blossoms are not too far away...