Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cultural Juggernauts: Buffy

So for some reason (travelling through India & didn't own a TV for a few years) I missed one of the greatest cultural juggernauts of the last 10 years.. yes, I'm talkng about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thanks to the gorgeous & talented Ms Cobwebsky I've now launched on the Winter Buffy Catch Up program. Last night we watched the first 7 episodes accompanied by genuine French champers & lashings of Turkish Delight ice cream. My Buffy hymen has been well & truly pierced (ew, not sure I like that metaphor but anyhoo)... So here I go diving headlong into the wonderfully written & plotted Buffy-verse. How inspiring to see such a strong female warrior archetype who also just wants to date & do nailpolish.. Loving it. I feel so good to know that a whole generation of women have been influenced by her. ... And better late than never for moi I guess. ;-)



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