Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What I did on my holidays.

Hi there peoples! Hope you all had a great xmas/solstice & new year's celebration or whatever... as some of you may know I went away on holiday, for the first time in two years. In short, it was AWESOME. Went to Port Douglas up north of Cairns and I'm now in love with the place, me want to live there!!

Stormi on the beach on Christmas day, with a cute English couple in the background taking photos of themselves (yes, he has a santa hat on).

Ahh, the serenity.. view from Port Douglas market, the Coral Sea, with Daintree Rainforest mountains in the background. Heaven on earth...
... but watch out for the stinging jelly fishes!!
Daintree Rainforest, oldest rainforest on earth. (I'm going to fess-up, I didn't take that great shot).
One of the highlights of this trip was sea-kayaking around Cape Tribulation in a tropical thunderstorm... was awesome, thunder, lightening, rain pelting down on the ocean, what more does a girl need??Gosh, all this holidaying is hard work, hope yours was fabulous! ... ;-)


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