Friday, November 10, 2006

Yoga Challenge: Days 6-11

Wow, the time is going so fast... these days are a bit of a blur with work & yoga & washing yoga clothes etc. Day 9 was amazing. Had such a great class, felt like superwoman, felt the blood rushing through my veins & like I could climb mountains....

But today's class [day 11, 11:11am on 11/11/06] was a real challenge, my energy levels just dropped half-way through and I was struggling to get through it. I think I need more protein in my diet. A thing I've realized is that when you start really moving your body you need to up the quality of your diet. If I don't eat enough protein I get this kind of 'wasted' feeling and feel kind of fuzzy & lightheaded & ungrounded.

But also had quite a large emotional release after today's class, so that could've been part of the fuzzy feelings, so even though it was hard I felt like it was shifting things on quite a deep level. Felt like having a big cry, but instead went home & crawled under the doona for a few hours and just hid from the world - which is sometimes the best solution for these things methinks!!

Tonight I might go see a movie for something different...

Stormi out... xxx


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