Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yoga Challenge: Day 1 & 2

The last two days i've risen at 5am and hopped on my bike to ride to 6am yoga class... and I feel pretty good. Energy levels are high and my mind is relaxed and chill. I even had a hectic day at work today and found myself quite expressive in my emotions without getting carried away with them, I found myself setting clear boundaries as regards what I would and wouldn't do for others[!], felt very confident to speak my mind. I was also very focused and moved through the day at a great clip.

The most amazing thing is that I'm not exhausted by getting up at this time of the morning, if anything I feel lighter in spirit and like I've had more time in my day. I'm glad the weekend is coming though, I need some daydreaming, non-doing time!

The body feels good and much more flexible [I did warm up to this 30-day challenge last month by going to yoga every 2nd or 3rd day]. And I'm loving that the muscles in my abs are more engaged and I have no lower back pain at all, even after sitting all day at work. I feel taller, not sure if that is possible - maybe it's my mojo that's taller!! ;-)

Over & out, your yoga scout, Stormi xxx


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