Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yoga Challenge: Days 3-5

Okay, starting to really feel it now. This Sunday morning's class [day 5] was HARD. Felt weary & tired & creaky & cranky when I started, but as the class progressed I got warmed up and actually did a pose I've never been able to do before, I felt surprisingly relaxed & more flexible than I have in years - especially in the lower back which has been stiff for a long time - this pose [see below] is so hardcore on the lower back. But it was like my mind couldn't believe what my body was so easily doing. There seems to be a body-intelligence at work here that one just has to trust, it almost seems smarter than the head-intelligence. The pose I did properly today for the first time is called 'standing head to knee pose'. Up to today it has been my nemesis, and today I just did it without thinking - a breakthrough of sorts...

Days 3-4 went by in a blur - had least-liked yoga teacher on Day 3 at 6am - that was a challenge not to get caught up in as I find I'm not quite yet a civilized human being at that time of the morning! To deal with this I just had to imagine that the dialogue came from a disembodied voice and I was in the class alone. When my mind starts wandering I ask myself "How many people are in this yoga class?" Answer: One, just me. And it puts me back in a meditative state. Works most of the time. ;-)

Dandayamana Janushirasana
(Standing head to knee pose)

• Builds mental strength
• Improves concentration
• Unifies mind and body
• Uses all major muscle groups
• Exercises digestive and reproductive organs
• Good for diabetes
• Strengthens back muscles


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