Thursday, September 29, 2005

20 Random Facts about the Stormweava

Caught this meme late, always been a late bloomer...

1. I really enjoy meditation & sometimes get up to do it at 4.30am.

2. I went on the Everest Trek & it nearly killed me.. but that which does not destroy me ...

3. Have decided that I will never again say the word never.

4. I bathe [shower/bath] twice a day.

5. I once had a dream about a huge mer-whale: she hugged me & told me that I was doing really well, that everything was okay & that all I needed some good loving.

6. I absolutely love my feet being massaged & believe that feet are the most underrated errogenous [sp?] zone.

7. My favorite film of all time is Down by Lawdirected by Jim Jarmusch.

8. When I was a teenager I was horsey-mad and I had nine (9) horses.

9. I believe that the most powerful force in the universe is love, it is the stuff that makes the atoms spin and fuels the turning of galaxies.

10. I'm extremely interested in quantum physics, but really understand very little of it.

11. I love to paint, and one day that's all I will do. When I'm old and wizened I will live in a bush hut and just paint all day and have 20 cats.

12. When I laugh, I mean really laugh, I cackle like a witch.

13. My biggest vice is Swiss chocolate [dark chocolate Lindt balls].

14. I did a course on caring for the terminally ill, and one day I want to do this, but feel that I'm a bit too young for this yet and need to have some fun still.

15. I don't believe in evil: darkness is just the absence of light.

16. I love eating avocados.

17. I love the desert, especially the deserts in the US that are covered with wild sage.

18. Once in the Mojave desert I was sitting alone on a rock outcropping, looking out at the sun come up over the desert, when I felt the hair rise on the back of my neck: someone was looking at me. I turned to see a rough-looking coyote on a nearby outcropping and he stared right into my eyes for a full minute. He was interested in knowing who I was. Then he scurried off into the desert.

19. I can turn my tongue completely upside down and do this often after a few wines to entertain my friends.

20. When I was born I had milk in my breasts. True.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Art: Amy Alexander

Layby is a wonderful thing. I just finished paying off my first piece of real art by a real artist person. Tres excitement!! I've been seeing Amy Alexander's stuff around for a long time in cafe's etc. Then I stumbled upon her exhibition and found one of the only paintings without a red sticker was the one I really liked. It's in the 'hands down the pants' style of the one below, but slightly different. I love her stuff, it's so innocent, but with a slightly dark edge. Kind of like the mixture of depravity and innocence that is experienced in adolescence..

QuoteGeek: Willy Wonka

I'm outing myself as a quote geek, yes, I collect quotes. Its completely irrepresible, so I'm doing it loud & proud to the three or four very special people who read my blog... today something happened that made me believe the reality of this:
"You know what happened to the man who got everything he wanted Charlie? He lived happily ever after" ~ Willie Wonka

Haven't seen the new version yet, not sure if I'm game, because the original is so perfect. ... Hey did you know that the Oompa Loompas were refugees? xx

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Film: Broken Flowers

Saw the latest film by Jim Jarmusch at ACMI, Broken Flowers. Was good to see Bill Murray again playing a straight role, seemed a bit similar to the role he plays in Lost in Translation, a blank, vacant guy having his mid-life crisis, bored to tears with his once-exciting life. Really enjoyed the great cameos in this film, there's everyone from Sharon Stone to Julie Delpy to Tilda Swinton [as you've never seen her before]. I love his work, been a big fan of his since the late 80's when he did Down by Law, [one of my Top Ten greatest films of all time]...Great fun. ****

Book: Oryx & Crake

I've read one other Margaret Atwood book: A Handmaid's Tale which I really loved. This book is in a similar time-future: that of a decayed world, but this one definitely post-apocalyptic. The main character is Snowman, a sad, anti-hero that I although I got close to him, I never really liked him, but that's beside the point: his defects are his humaness in a world that is devoid of any humanity. He is the innocent fool in a world gone very askew.

Atwood's novel is a harsh, but compelling vision. I loved the mix of science fiction with ancient allegory. The novel portrays a world where genetic manipulation is an everyday event and corporations compete against each other through viruses and biotech warfare. Reminded me of that great line of TS Eliot's:
This is the way the world ends, Not with a bang but a whimper
[The Hollow Men, 1925]

Intense but a great read. I give it 3.5 *** stars...

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Here's a picture of how I feel [by Yoshitomo Nara]:
Every so often I get a headcold of Biblical porportions. *sigh* Man I'm so sick at the moment it really, really isn't fair. And then to top it off in the bathroom this morning I shut my thumb in the door. *ouch*. Its like some fucken karmic rebalancing or something, bumping into the universe really hurts. Or maybe I'm topping up my pre-paid karma and then after I'm sick something wonderful will happen?? ;-) Can only hope.

My pathetic feverish mind spins in little concentric circles. Thank the goddess that I got broadband otherwise I'd surely go mad in my sick depravity. [Should I have a shower today? hmmm... maybe not, I mean, why bother?]

Getting sick is like journeying into the underworld. You have to let go of everything, even your own identity to the bacteria that has invaded you and taken over your consciousness as you are hung up on the meathook of snot. Invader on board. You are forced to let go of your ego, your hopes, your dreams, aspirations and every-fuckn-thing else, and just sit in the present moment of a throbbing headache, spinning head, runny nose and nausea. Reminds me of my rave days. Just to think I used to pay good money to feel like this... ;-)

Anyway, good things are happening despite this despair, new job going well; good friend Kimmy moving into my house, hair is growing. Things will look better once my bleary eyes stop running with fluid.

I love you universe, please make me healthy, being sick is getting a bit boring now, the novelty value has truly passed.

Listening to: Garden State soundtrack and anything Groove Armada [yes, I know, got onto these guys late, but better than never]..... shakin' that [snotty] ass...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Here's an open letter from Michael Moore to [Village Idiot] Bush. Says it all really.

Having lived in the US & knowing the repressive regime that they live under, I'm still a bit surprised as to the extent of the obvious lack of care for the victims of this disaster; the couldn't give a flying f*ck attitude of the US Govt is so extreme... Like they're saying: "hey guess what, we don't actually care about our own people either!"

My prediction: that the US is heading for another civil war, its going to self-combust big time. You just can't keep creating f*cked up karma like that without it a kind of rebalancing. They just keep hit, hit, hitting the hornet's nest..

Stormi 'Nostradamus' out...

Saturday, September 03, 2005


I was on the tram the other day and there was this cute little old lady sitting next to me. I had my headphones on and was in my own little headphone-world. She was well-dressed and very smiley. When she sat next to me she sat on the edge of my coat, I pulled it away and she looked me directly in the eye and smiled and said 'sorry'.

Later she moved to the seat opposite me and started a engaging conversation with the man next to her. She was smiling and laughing not only at him, but pulling other people into their conversation. She was being friendly to everyone. I started thinking she was probably a wee bit senile, bit of a nutter, but in a good way... and I caught myself thinking, that how sad that I see this friendliness is a sign of senility. Maybe she's just really, really friendly, but I was not in the mood to engage so kept my headphones on.

As we were getting off the tram she said 'goodbye' to all of us sitting near her, as if we were her life-long friends, I followed her off and she ended up standing next to me at the lights, the little man was red, so we paused. I took my headphones off and the spring sunshine hit my eyes, at that moment she looked up at me [being quite a short little old lady] smiled with an innocent happiness and glee and said: "It's all wonderful isn't it?".

Yes it certainly is.

Boredom & its cure.

Looking back over recent posts I realized, to my shock, that boredom has become a bit of a theme in my life lately. This totally will not do... so I looked up the spiritual implications of boredom in my book ABC of Enlightenment...
"Boredom simply means that the way you are living is wrong. Why do you feel bored? You feel bored because you have been living in accordance with dead patterns given to you by others. Renounce those patterns! Start living on your own...

The whole of humanity is bored because the person who would have been a mystic is a mathematician, the person who would have been a mathematician is a politician, the person who would have been a poet is a businessman. Nobody is in the right place; everybody is somewhere else.

So when you are bored with yourself it is because you have not been sincere with yourself, you have not been honest with yourself, you have not been respectful to your own being.

You have to take risks. Boredom can disappear in a single moment if you are ready to take risks..."
-- osho.

Something in that for us all... it's time to get on with it... ;-) xx