Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Emily Dickinson & poetry

"Emily could never understand why the most intense human experiences had to be relegated to the margins of human society. She read poetry and wrote every day because she needed a daily dose of ecstasy, the elation and exhilaration poetry provides."
~ Edward Hirsch in the American Poetry Review.

And there's something in that for all us mediocre poets.

Friday, October 07, 2005

More Amy Alexander

Some more of her work..


Tonight it's raining and all is well with the world. Gawd I love the rain! It softens everything, makes sleep divine. Everything bad will wash away and tomorrow the streets will be clean, the city cleansed of its grime.

It's the steady kind of rain that will last all night... no big storms for Stormi tonight, just a gentle, steady, cleansing rain. The rain speaks to me to letting go of everything that no longer works; strip it back & let it go.

The past dissolves and flows down the gutters. The rain is impermanence, but also nourishment.

Tonight as the city sleeps all its dreams will be washed clean.

Everything will be okay, has always been okay.

There are no disasters here, just steady gentle rain.

And tomorrow there will be a new fresh world to step into.

At last free from the past.