Monday, May 30, 2005

Queen of Google

If you put "sacred profanities" into google - this page comes up first!! Yay. Too cool.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Cat still missing & weird dreams

So its been 7 days now and she is still missing. I’ve put up flyers all over the neighborhood, been door knocking and had a friend visit the pound to see if she was there. No luck.

Last night I had a dream that I was in India again. I was inside a huge palace/mansion thing. I could look out the window at the Ganges flowing by, it seemed a bit like Varanasi. There were lots of people at the house, it must’ve been a party or something. One of the guests was a vet, I told him all about Barbarella, my lost cat, and gave him a thorough description. “If you see her, call me.” So I’ve told the vet on the astral plane that my cat is missing and hopefully he will keep an eye out for her.

Then in the dream I somehow became lost wandering aimlessly inside the palace/mansion, and I felt anxious and distressed. The house was so big that I had no idea where I was. Then I got locked out of the house and a woman came along (a westerner) and told me to hop in her car and she would somehow get me back in the house. But first, she said, I’ve got to show you where I live.

She lived in another huge mansion/palace nearby, that was painted inside with really bright colours: vivid pinks, rich reds, lush greens, bright oranges etc. .. [I always notice the interior decorating in my dreams]. There were some really cool people living in there who were doing all kinds of great creative projects ‘n’ stuff. The house of the Crazy Creatives.

Someone was working on large A3-size sketches of scenes out of Alice in Wonderland. These images were the main focus of the dream, she was showing me the drawings and I was admiring them, they were for a children’s book she said. The drawings had amazing details and vivid colours.

The dream kind of ended there. It seemed like the dream was saying, don’t worry too much about the cat because the astral-plane vet is looking out for her. And, all the stuff about Alice in Wonderland? Maybe I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole at last…

Downfall: film review

Just saw Downfall at the Nova. What an intense film. Amazing acting and full-on subject matter. See it with a friend. I haven't really pulled my thoughts together on this one yet, will need to sleep on it. Bruno Ganz is amazing as Hitler, what a performance. ... will write more later...