Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Holiday Time

Finally heading off for a wee bit of a holiday. This time I have no ambitions except for some beach, sun, a good book and some swimming in the ocean. Aaaahhh... swimming in the ocean, nothing like it. Gotta love that sweet mama ocean.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Quinn Bunny from another planet has landed... Posted by Hello

Seany Cracker & Stormi laffin' their asses off... Posted by Hello

The Cracker Posse have landed on another planet... watch out they're like those feral animals that take over... ;-) Posted by Hello

Stormweava in all her GREEN glory... about 7am on Saturday morning.. thank Goddess it was overcast, still needed the sunnies though... Posted by Hello

Blog Neglect

I've neglected my blog for over six weeks!! I feel so ashamed and so horrendously wayward. Its almost like that dead baby in Trainspotting.... well not quite, but almost. I realized I was thinking I had to make everything perfect before I posted it up here. That must be my Virgo ascendent doing its bullshit perfection obsessive/compulsive disorder thing. Today I declare that this blog will be full of any inane crap that comes into my head. Ladycrackerland (wonderful site - see Links) has inspired me. Stormweava is back from the Wasteland of flesh-life.