Friday, November 24, 2006

Yoga Challenge: Days 12-24, or, Abs Are Everything!!

So boys and girls, discovering my abs has changed my fricken life. Yes sirree... what an AB-SOLUTE REVELATION THIS IS!!!! The Abs support the middle of the body, they control how you move when you walk, when you sit, when you bend over, when you do EVERYTHING.

I can't believe how different I feel after 24 continuous days of 90 minute classes. I have awareness in parts of my body that I don't think I've had awareness in since I was a teenager. It's kind of like, oh, hello there, it's been a long time you've been neglected, I'm so sorry, welcome back. This has been hard, and I've still got 6 days to go, but this course has opened my world and cracked through so many body-limitations. I'm very tired but very happy and very relaxed.

The power to change ourselves is the greatest power we have.

Onwards & upwards, Stormi to bed. xxx

Friday, November 10, 2006

Yoga Challenge: Days 6-11

Wow, the time is going so fast... these days are a bit of a blur with work & yoga & washing yoga clothes etc. Day 9 was amazing. Had such a great class, felt like superwoman, felt the blood rushing through my veins & like I could climb mountains....

But today's class [day 11, 11:11am on 11/11/06] was a real challenge, my energy levels just dropped half-way through and I was struggling to get through it. I think I need more protein in my diet. A thing I've realized is that when you start really moving your body you need to up the quality of your diet. If I don't eat enough protein I get this kind of 'wasted' feeling and feel kind of fuzzy & lightheaded & ungrounded.

But also had quite a large emotional release after today's class, so that could've been part of the fuzzy feelings, so even though it was hard I felt like it was shifting things on quite a deep level. Felt like having a big cry, but instead went home & crawled under the doona for a few hours and just hid from the world - which is sometimes the best solution for these things methinks!!

Tonight I might go see a movie for something different...

Stormi out... xxx

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yoga Challenge: Days 3-5

Okay, starting to really feel it now. This Sunday morning's class [day 5] was HARD. Felt weary & tired & creaky & cranky when I started, but as the class progressed I got warmed up and actually did a pose I've never been able to do before, I felt surprisingly relaxed & more flexible than I have in years - especially in the lower back which has been stiff for a long time - this pose [see below] is so hardcore on the lower back. But it was like my mind couldn't believe what my body was so easily doing. There seems to be a body-intelligence at work here that one just has to trust, it almost seems smarter than the head-intelligence. The pose I did properly today for the first time is called 'standing head to knee pose'. Up to today it has been my nemesis, and today I just did it without thinking - a breakthrough of sorts...

Days 3-4 went by in a blur - had least-liked yoga teacher on Day 3 at 6am - that was a challenge not to get caught up in as I find I'm not quite yet a civilized human being at that time of the morning! To deal with this I just had to imagine that the dialogue came from a disembodied voice and I was in the class alone. When my mind starts wandering I ask myself "How many people are in this yoga class?" Answer: One, just me. And it puts me back in a meditative state. Works most of the time. ;-)

Dandayamana Janushirasana
(Standing head to knee pose)

• Builds mental strength
• Improves concentration
• Unifies mind and body
• Uses all major muscle groups
• Exercises digestive and reproductive organs
• Good for diabetes
• Strengthens back muscles

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yoga Challenge: Day 1 & 2

The last two days i've risen at 5am and hopped on my bike to ride to 6am yoga class... and I feel pretty good. Energy levels are high and my mind is relaxed and chill. I even had a hectic day at work today and found myself quite expressive in my emotions without getting carried away with them, I found myself setting clear boundaries as regards what I would and wouldn't do for others[!], felt very confident to speak my mind. I was also very focused and moved through the day at a great clip.

The most amazing thing is that I'm not exhausted by getting up at this time of the morning, if anything I feel lighter in spirit and like I've had more time in my day. I'm glad the weekend is coming though, I need some daydreaming, non-doing time!

The body feels good and much more flexible [I did warm up to this 30-day challenge last month by going to yoga every 2nd or 3rd day]. And I'm loving that the muscles in my abs are more engaged and I have no lower back pain at all, even after sitting all day at work. I feel taller, not sure if that is possible - maybe it's my mojo that's taller!! ;-)

Over & out, your yoga scout, Stormi xxx