Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cute baby Morris...

Friday, June 17, 2005

oh my god(dess)...

... was geeking out on my new iMac (which I hug every day, they are so huggable.... never catch me hugging a PC!) and have been playing with iTunes... oh my god(dess)... its so fucken amazing... I never knew, my whole world has opened up. Its a revelation on the scale of learning to masturbate when I was 10 y.o. ... but different in a geeky way... oh bless...

Thursday, June 09, 2005


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More art by Christopher Buklow...

two people

Originally uploaded by stormweava.

Art by Christopher Buklow - an American artist who makes photographs out of natural sunlight. He takes silhouettes of figures, traces around them on a tin plate and punches holes through for light to come through and exposes it onto photo paper... or something like that...

The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon

... is a great book by Tom Spanbauer and I ordered it special from the US as you can't buy it here in Oz. Such an amazing book, I'm not even through it yet and I'm going slow so as to savour it... here is an excerpt:
... my own first truth was this: fucking was the same way as with anything else- what you thought you were doing was not what you were doing. What you thought you were doing was sucking and penetrating and kissing, holding, and ejaculating. What you were doing, though, was telling a story.

First off, thing is, you got to know you got a story. Then you got to have to tell it. Knowing how to tell your story good is important, but the secret to good fucking is how well you can listen. Fucking only gets good when the two stories start being the same story - the human-being sex story - when the two bodies stop being two bodies and start being the big excruciating, the one heart beating.

... Good fucking is bartering, wrestling, swapping tales back and forth, and telling lies til you get to the truth.

Go to Amazon & order!! (Click post title for Amazon link) Or I just ordered it from my local independent bookstore...

New Computer!!

I'm in love with my new computer. Its a sexy blue iMac... She is sooo beautiful. All rounded edges and quiet purring noise as she cranks over the bytes. Its lovely to be back with a Mac again, damn, they are stylish & refined. LOVE IT.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

More cat dreams...

In the dream I'm asleep, I'm asleep in my dream and I feel a cat walking along the top of me on the top of the doona. I feel really happy because I think it's my cat Barbarella that disappeared and now has come back. When I open my eyes (in the dream)I see it's not her, but a scrawny little kitten with mangy fur that my roomate Kat has put it in my room while i've been asleep.

I pick it up and see that it has a little note around its neck: "Please look after me." I notice that the kitten has patchy fur and is covered in little black fleas. I say to the kitten:

"I will have to wash you & you won't like that."

But the kitten likes me & purrs loudly. The kitten is a strange tan/coffee-with-milk colour, like an egyptian cat. It looks right at me and we develop an instant bond.

To get really Jungian, maybe the kitten is a symbol of my inner-child? Is she neglected and covered in little black fleas? I will have to wash my inner child and put some of that Advantage stuff on her.

Or is this my subconscious telling me to get another cat? Hmmm... I'm not over grieving for the last one yet, so that will have to bear that some serious consideration.

Stormi out. xxx

The Single Girls Guide to Surviving a Melbourne Winter

1. > Firstly, have a good bed: the nest is most important... one can add accessories too... like a woollen underlay (mmmmm); feather doona; flannelette sheets!; flannel pj's; fluff-covered hot water bottle (only on really cold nights b/c the old HWB has some serious single-girl connotations); some fluffy throw cushions; A TEDDY BEAR; too many pillows (i have currently four plus the two throw cushions).

2. > Good books! Anything by Chuck Palahnuik or ...

3. > Good soups: organic potato & leak soup; anything lentil; anything bean feast - YUMBLES!

4. > Massage: Shiatsu / Swedish or Foot.

5. > A good heater - I currently possess a kick-arse radiant heater that heats up my room in 15mins. Am thinking of getting a timer on it so that it starts up before I get out of bed in the morning.

6. > Good friends and a high quality red wine.

7. > A furry pet - ie. cat or small cute dog or small man.

8. > Your own creativity.

9. > Crappy TV to lull your mind into a state of complacency ie. Big Brother or Super Nanny (I can't believe they took so long to think of that show! - I mean it seems so obvious to me. Go and tell people how to raise their kids, the one thing our society needs sorting out.)

10. > I've run out of ideas... anyone??

Love is.. (part 1)

A punch in the back of the head that you don't see coming.
A beautifully excruciating pain/pleasure thingie.
A lie.
A truth.
A head-trip.
A sex-trip.
A body-trip.
A friendship.
A parasite.
A monkey on my back that's sucking my spinal fluid.
A glass splinter in my foot that I can't see but by its pain I know its there.
A huge elastic energy bubble bursting forth from my chest.
An alien sitting under my rib cage waiting to hatch in a bloody mess.

I ... love ... you.