Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon

... is a great book by Tom Spanbauer and I ordered it special from the US as you can't buy it here in Oz. Such an amazing book, I'm not even through it yet and I'm going slow so as to savour it... here is an excerpt:
... my own first truth was this: fucking was the same way as with anything else- what you thought you were doing was not what you were doing. What you thought you were doing was sucking and penetrating and kissing, holding, and ejaculating. What you were doing, though, was telling a story.

First off, thing is, you got to know you got a story. Then you got to have to tell it. Knowing how to tell your story good is important, but the secret to good fucking is how well you can listen. Fucking only gets good when the two stories start being the same story - the human-being sex story - when the two bodies stop being two bodies and start being the big excruciating, the one heart beating.

... Good fucking is bartering, wrestling, swapping tales back and forth, and telling lies til you get to the truth.

Go to Amazon & order!! (Click post title for Amazon link) Or I just ordered it from my local independent bookstore...


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