Wednesday, June 01, 2005

More cat dreams...

In the dream I'm asleep, I'm asleep in my dream and I feel a cat walking along the top of me on the top of the doona. I feel really happy because I think it's my cat Barbarella that disappeared and now has come back. When I open my eyes (in the dream)I see it's not her, but a scrawny little kitten with mangy fur that my roomate Kat has put it in my room while i've been asleep.

I pick it up and see that it has a little note around its neck: "Please look after me." I notice that the kitten has patchy fur and is covered in little black fleas. I say to the kitten:

"I will have to wash you & you won't like that."

But the kitten likes me & purrs loudly. The kitten is a strange tan/coffee-with-milk colour, like an egyptian cat. It looks right at me and we develop an instant bond.

To get really Jungian, maybe the kitten is a symbol of my inner-child? Is she neglected and covered in little black fleas? I will have to wash my inner child and put some of that Advantage stuff on her.

Or is this my subconscious telling me to get another cat? Hmmm... I'm not over grieving for the last one yet, so that will have to bear that some serious consideration.

Stormi out. xxx


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