Monday, February 28, 2005

Why so harsh lately?

Man, I'm being pummelled by some heavy planet at the moment. I think its Saturn doing her hard-ass thing. Life just seems to have gotten really harsh lately. Just got a gas bill for $770. Great. Now I gotta track down all my old roomies and beg for mercy. Life is sometimes a hard-ass bitch master that whips me til I'm bleeding. Do I have to yell:"I give up!" And let her win and just let go. Ugh. Dear Universe please throw me some kind of bone, just a tid-bit of joy. Seems like there's so many narky people around too, and I think at times, I'm one of them. At least I know that I'm being narky, I wonder if they do too?? Hmmm...

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Isolation Bag from Huckabees.

I "heart" Huckabees - film review

Last night I saw the film: "I (heart) Huckabees." Very, very interesting film. Like some serious speeded up group therapy, but probably not one to go see in any kind of altered state. Reminded me of 1st year philosophy at Uni.

Story concerns an existential detective agency which is called in when people are in a state of existential angst and they have lost all meaning of life or are trying to look for meaning. It would be great if such an agency existed, but in reality usually we have to deal with this crisis alone.

A very non-Hollywood film for an American film. Very Charlie Kaufman-esque. The whole thing is a bit like an existential poem. Or koan, a bit like the old philosophy quandry, “Who is this ‘I’, asking who is this I, asking who is this I… etc. etc.” Philosophy 101 in a movie.

The film made me rethink this drama of life we are all involved in. Its a very dialogue-rich film, a bit like Richard Linklater's films, where the characters say some very deep stuff, and you gotta really listen.

I loved the French philosopher played by Isabelle Huppert, the wonderful contrast of European existential angst going up against American blind optimism. Also loved the blanket analogy ... we are all interconnected etc. etc. Almost feel they could’ve gone a bit further into the deeper aspects of existentialist philosophy and pushed over into spiritual metaphysics, but they kind of teetered on the edge of it. I was waiting for the big push out into the Void, but then I’m a sucker for a major transformation. But all in all pretty progressive for Hollywood.

I liked the Jude Law character’s story. He was in such an intense amount of denial and was also such a faker. Then his personality gets “deconstructed” and he has this great freak out in the board room meeting and starts throwing up.

But the whole film is worth seeing just for absurd sex-in-the-mud scene. So non-sexy and bestial but in a fun way! ;-)

The ending & resolution of the existential dilemma was superbly pulled together by Jason Schwartzman's character Albert.

The kind of movie to go and coffee afterwards and discuss the nature of being. I give it a superb: "Yeeehawwww" 4/5. Stormi Out.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentine's Day for the Post Modernist (bitter & twisted)

Ahh... here it is again. Valentine's Day. I remember last Valentine's day I spent the entire day (sulking) trying to convince my (then) beloved (now Ex) that it was a day that was important to me. A quaint ritual I observed, something I cared about and maybe he cared about it too. But no. He said it was a 'commercial exercise in consumerism' etc. etc. And he wouldn't get involved in any such hoo-haa for it would make us a stereotypical 'couple'. I feel that many of us post-modernist women get fed this line alot, but now I know the truth is that the first time you hear this line, you gotta believe peoples, that the deconstructivist, post-post-modernist, reality of it all is that he just don't give a flying fuckerooni. Yep. Sorry, to be a realistic bitcherooni, and I'm really letting my bitterness show here, but he simply just doesn't care if he says this, because its just an excuse to hide his own apathy about the relationship that he is currently in. There I've said it. Got that out on my blog for the entire world to see (or the 4 special people who visit my blog a day... does anyone read this shit anyway?? Post a comment you fuckers!!) Anyway, this V-day I'm off to the pub with the girls to deconstruct my (gorgeous) ass. Love & Other Stupidities, Stormi (a hitch-hiker on the street of love). xxx