Monday, February 28, 2005

Why so harsh lately?

Man, I'm being pummelled by some heavy planet at the moment. I think its Saturn doing her hard-ass thing. Life just seems to have gotten really harsh lately. Just got a gas bill for $770. Great. Now I gotta track down all my old roomies and beg for mercy. Life is sometimes a hard-ass bitch master that whips me til I'm bleeding. Do I have to yell:"I give up!" And let her win and just let go. Ugh. Dear Universe please throw me some kind of bone, just a tid-bit of joy. Seems like there's so many narky people around too, and I think at times, I'm one of them. At least I know that I'm being narky, I wonder if they do too?? Hmmm...


Blogger mnkymelbourne said...

I can't believe you take anything I say seriously - I haven't a cruel bone in me body - I was just being cheeky - sorry - your blog is great and so are you (see closer post comment about wig) - oh and $770!!!! for a gas bill - WTF? have you been running an iron foundry in your basement or doing some hobby level aluminium smeltering?

1:09 PM  
Blogger LadyCracker said...

Hi Stormie

Oh dear not good about the gas bill - cheer up my love . I 'm sending you good luck post haste.
Let's have a drink on Thursday night?

I'll give you a call tonight.


2:29 PM  

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