Friday, August 24, 2007

an actual blog entry...

Today I'm saving my blog from becoming a 'ghost site' drifting on the currents of the internet. Yes, hi, it's me, I'm back. And I'm writing a blog entry. Today. Right now.

What have I been doing? First the unpleasant bit...

I got the flu really, really bad and have spent the last 2 weeks sick sick sick and then I got sicker. Fresh levels of hell were explored and then just as I thought okay, surely, that's it. No, further down I went, newer fresher levels of hell were there to be explored. T'was like Dante's inferno.

And being one of those people who "never gets sick", it was a blow to my sense of reality. Let me tell ya.

I even went to the doctor (haven't been for 3 years) whereupon I discovered that my Medicare card was out of date so I HAD TO ACTUALLY PAY THEM REAL MONEY. What kind of free healthcare system is this if i have to actually pay?

Then 2 days later I discovered that the antibiotics he gave me made my stomach completely go southwards in an incredibly unpleasant way. Somehow I've become allergic to antibiotics, so I had to stop taking them.

So I went to the Chinese doctor and got some serious cupping, herbs and acupuncture etc.

Whinge, whinge whinge... anyway, getting better now. (fingers crossed).

Moral of this story is that getting sick is no fun at all and has a glamour quotient of zero.

Then today, my first day of feeling better a few GOOD THINGS HAPPENED:
  1. I discovered and now that I have unlimited broadband that doesn't cost a month's rent I can listen to internet radio and NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE AGAIN.
  2. I noticed that little white blossoms have appeared all over my neighbourhood - SPRING IS HERE.
  3. I realized that even though it's not good internet protocol sometimes I LIKE TO WRITE IN ALL CAPS. It pleases the 8 year old inside me that felt she was never heard. So there.
  4. I visited my Chinese doctor and he said that the 'chi' is back in my voice and that means I'm getting better.
  5. Got offered another job, which even though I'm not sure I'll take it, is a nice thing to have happen out of the blue.
  6. Started to read another Terry Pratchett book, The Wee Free Men.
  7. Visited my dog-friend Googi the Wonderdog, who is a Jack Russell terrier of the most supreme intelligence.
  8. Made myself some organic potato & leek soup.
  9. Played around on Facebook for awhile. It's growing on me.
  10. Realized that good health is a mighty fine thing.
May you dear SP reader (if you are out there still) be healthy wherever you may be... xxx

Friday, August 03, 2007

David Tennant & Catherine Tate

Sometimes the Brits do really great comedy. I love this... (Dr Who fans enjoy! Yes, geek I am.)

"Bite me alien boy!" ... Sacred Profanities goes all interactive-like... :-)