Saturday, September 03, 2005

Boredom & its cure.

Looking back over recent posts I realized, to my shock, that boredom has become a bit of a theme in my life lately. This totally will not do... so I looked up the spiritual implications of boredom in my book ABC of Enlightenment...
"Boredom simply means that the way you are living is wrong. Why do you feel bored? You feel bored because you have been living in accordance with dead patterns given to you by others. Renounce those patterns! Start living on your own...

The whole of humanity is bored because the person who would have been a mystic is a mathematician, the person who would have been a mathematician is a politician, the person who would have been a poet is a businessman. Nobody is in the right place; everybody is somewhere else.

So when you are bored with yourself it is because you have not been sincere with yourself, you have not been honest with yourself, you have not been respectful to your own being.

You have to take risks. Boredom can disappear in a single moment if you are ready to take risks..."
-- osho.

Something in that for us all... it's time to get on with it... ;-) xx


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