Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bored (not really)

Fuck me I'm bored lately... But I did go out last night [as part of my new self-improvement 'get out of the house & get a social life' campaign] and quaffed some high quality red wine at a bar in Nth Fitzroy with me good mate Kimmy AKA the Kelfinator.

[She is the one who is currently encouraging me to buy a new mobile because the one I have is 4 years old and I'm getting to the point where I'm embarrassed to bring it out infront of people. Its is a mobile that screams: I have low self-esteem. So when I run out of credit I'm getting a new whizz-bang mobile that does everything - its even got a movie editing program, I will not know myself! Then my life WILL BE PERFECT, I'm sure of it.]

Anyway, back to last night... after quaffing reds at this bar in nth fitzroy, [whose name is lost in the red wine mists of time] we went for a stroll in the dark cold night... and came upon a rockin' little establishment called the Glitch bar. We stood outside peering in the fogged-up windows & saw a bunch of punks rocking out to Madonna. At that point a guy with a mischievious smile leans out of the door and beckons us inside... the devil inviting us into Hades... We protested: "No, but we are scared!", he reassured us: "No, don't be, we won't harm you."

What followed was a fun freaky time. We found the room where all the lost or run away couches in Melbourne end up. And then met some fun people. I sat down next to a guy who has self-published a book and just got a distributor, yay, good for him, I felt excited & happy for him. Then we danced to more 80's hits surrounded by gorgeous young gay punky-types. Then the Kelfinator saw some people having sex in the toilets so we took that as a cue to leave before we got too drunk and lost our dignity (never!).


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