Friday, July 01, 2005

Celebrity Crushes

Last night a bunch of us were drinking red, downing pizza and talking shite when the subject of celebrity crushes came up in conversation. We had to name 1./ our current celebrity crush and also, 2./ our celebrity crush if we were gay.

Mine was Jim Carrey out of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I never thought he was much chop until I saw him in that role, playing a mixed up sensitive boy/man, and not just being Jim Carrey, but actually acting, and acting well. He's got this little boy/man lost feel about him, eee gads, not sure if that's a healthy celebrity crush, reminds me of a few relationships that've gone wrong.. but I think he's gotten cuter as he's gotten older... some people bloom late I guess and look better with a few wrinkles..

.... and if I was gay it would definitely be Angelina Jolie. In anything. She's so sexy, unique and confident and a bit cheesy as well...

Gotta love those boots.


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