Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live 8

Madonna at Live 8
Gotta say that Live 8 was pretty fucken cool and I was totally blown away.. highlights would have to be Madonna singing Like a Prayer. She is the absolute shit. Been my role model since I was 15 and still going strong. Bless you Maddy. Also Coldplay was amazing, that guy has the most clear, pure voice, as did the Verve guy after them (something Symphony?), also Pink Floyd was a nice surprise. And REM doing Everybody Hurts was beautiful.

Even though I was watching Live 8 on TV far away in my Melbourne loungeroom, I could feel such positivity and unity in the crowd. It was really so tangible, so real. I feel so positive right now, if enough people believe that poverty can be eradicated it can really happen, this can become a global reality. There is a massive, massive shift happening in the global consciousness, this is really happening. The tide has to turn or we have no hope. People are starting not only to understand, but to experience unity of consciousness. We are all infinitely, intricately and intimately connected to one another. The illusion of separation is fading. The illusion of borders, of countries, of 'us & them' is fading. There is only the One Planet, the One Tribe and the One Heart. If we can't sort this out, we can't sort ourselves out. When you let someone starve, you let a part of yourself starve. When you drop fucken cluster bombs on children in Afghanistan or Iraq, you are dropping them on your own children.

For the first time in a long time I'm starting to really feel, to really believe that everything is going to be alright and that the human race will pull itself out of the shithole that it got itself into. This is already happening, its real... But we have to do it as a team, we have to help each other out.


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