Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Man I'm bored. Bored. Bored. The Chairwoman of the Bored.. And don't give me any of that shite about "Only the boring are bored." I'm soooo bored. Life has become like the Segrasso Sea... that mythical place out in the middle of the ocean where there is no wind and only forests of sea kelp span the horizon, creating a stale, soggy mess. Or something like that.

What does this boredom mean? What are the spiritual implications? Are there like, boring astrological influences? Because I've got one right about now. GODDAMN IT I WANT SOMETHING EXCITING TO HAPPEN TO ME!!!


Suggestions for getting out bored headspace:

1. Think of new cool ideas for my blog ie. 'people' I know and why they are exceptional human beings [pictures/profiles].

2. Go to yoga class tonight.

3. Masturbate [always a nice, if somewhat predictable distraction].

4. Perve at cute guys on google image search & indulge my inner 16-y-o.

5. Rent the first season of the OC [trash tv does not get better than this].

6. Work on my new reality tv show idea [still in its seminal phases: watch this space].

7. Colour hair [again].

8. Colour nails [green].

9. Eat some chocolate [same resultant effect as for masturbation].

10. Write some mediocre poetry [done it].

11. Cause some kind of trouble [mostly for myself].

12. Create some kind of paranoia in my own mind to keep me looped in my self-sabotage.

13... create new list for my blog...


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