Friday, May 26, 2006

Grumpy no more..

Ok, I'm definitely OVER my grumpy week (see two posts down for my temper tantrum outburst). It was a tough one. Must've been some kind of b.s. astrological alignment messing with my mojo.

But now some good things are happening...

a) am currently fine-tuning my chai recipe, have added organic ginger & am seriously planning to make my own mix & launching a nation-wide advertising campaign.... stay tuned...

b) found out I wasn't accepted for Doha middle-east gig, mainly b/c I don't speak an Asian language, but am cool with it b/c I don't think a raging feminist like me should go to a muslim country & apparently its 45c there everyday and sandstorms blow off the desert... which is kind of interesting, but not for 8 months.

c) am actually submitting something into a literary journal! Eeek!

d) by hook or by crook am heading to the UK as soon as I can get my financials sorted..

e) just ate a Lindt ball - YUM.

f) made brief eye-contact with a very spunky man at the supermarket today - just nice to now they exist!

g) am doing hot yoga twice a week.. & feeling very buff & fit like...

h) live in a very nice pod with a cute Jack Russell doglet named "googie" who visits regularly & is always happy to see me.

i) today the sun has cracked through the Melbourne grey blanket of clouds...

What things are making you happy today? Hello? Is there anyone out there??


Blogger kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

what made me happy today.... finding a bracelet that I thought I'd lost, a phone call from my mum, and a few quiet moments of reading a fascinating novel!

11:37 PM  

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