Monday, May 15, 2006

BORED to tears.

[warning: stream of consciousness temper tantrum with lots of swearing]
Oh fuck. Here i am bored again... fuck. I have not heard from Doha yet re: job in middle east. I don't wait well at all. I just want things to change & hurry the fuck up. Yes, bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored with job; Bored with customer service [puts finger down throat & tries to dry-reach, but remembers that she is definately not bulemic & just had very nice tofu, noodles & miso soupy thing & doesn't want to see it again because that would be so boring...]; Bored with things taking so long to CHANGE. I just want to travel, get the flock out of here & BLOW this popsicle stand.... THAT is the problem with Australia, it's so fucken comfortable that its hard to get the fuck out of here and everywhere else is SO FAR AWAY from here. Its not like Amsterdam is just over the water, or LA just down the highway.... I'm out here on the OUTER RIM OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE and I'm ready to go, go, go, go, just got to get the financial challenges out of the way. Fuck. THERE is nothing new in my world, in my life, it all just feels like its spinning around in the same old circles like a re-run episode of Friends, except that none of my friends use hair-straighteners (thank god) -- I can't wait for the dead straight-hair thing to end one fine day, this hair-trend has been going for almost a decade now! I blame YOU Jennifer Anniston!!!! Yes, YOU and the bland sitcom you rode in on]... What the fuck am I waiting for?? Aarrghhhhhhhh!!! HELP!
+ + +
Later... Over my tantrum....But I'm having one of those days where my life doesn't seem to make any sense, even to me. Everything feels futile, useless & pointless. Hello existential crisis #30,947. Fuck it. Even writing, blogging things seems pointless. Why the fuck do I even do this? Tonight I am seriously thinking trashing this blog. It's 12:15am and time to sleep. Goodnight.


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