Saturday, April 29, 2006

Birthday hi jinx

Oh golly, I had such wonderful fun on Friday night at my birthday party!!!! It's been a few years since I threw one and I forgot how much fun they can be!

I want to thank everyone that came and made it such a wonderful night.
Hi-lights of the night as follows:
- Cath cajoling me to update my blog - 'nuff said!
- getting presents!!
- drinking yummy sangria & margarita's
- booking a table for 15 and having 27 people turn up; then moving out to the back room & emptying the restaurant of tables & chairs
- cake, candle & making a wish
- getting presents!!
- frocking up
- wearing a sombrero at some stage of the night
- catching up with all my Melbourne buddies, new & old & the Melbourne 2006 posse.
- Beth introducing me to the joy that is a cock-sucking cowboy and then us discussing that the phrase cock-sucking cowboy is like Haiku, only shorter, kind of like ultra Haiku.
- sharing a whole bottle of champagne with Emily
- finally catching up with Jo on Smith Street in the rain
- going to Revolver (i know, i know) at 4am with Emily & talking to cute fucked up lawyer boys on drugs (that is they were on drugs, I was on a Bloody Mary.)
I can't remember much else... just waiting now for the photographic evidence to come in.... ;-)


Blogger ezb said...

Happy birthday Stormweaver. I'm glad it was excellent. x

4:35 AM  

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