Friday, March 31, 2006

Adios Village Amigos!

I write this entry with the most shockingly well-crafted hangover imaginable. Last night I danced on tables and subsequently fell off (twice) and have two bruised knees.. I did fall into couches though so am not as damaged as I could be. We had the village closing party and I had a fabulous time... I also recall dancing on the bar with about 20 others to New York New York (Sinatra) and actually not falling off. Was all very Coyote Ugly..

I bawled my eyes out at one point and at a few other points as well... was also crying & laffing at the same time like a fool.... It's been such a challenge to let go of all this! (And I always thought I was so great at non-attachment! hah!) I have had such an amazing experience with such wonderful people, not a bad egg amongst them. The people I've worked with at the Village have rocked my world in so many ways.. The Resi Crew... Chrissy, Deb, Gerard, Cushla, Emily, Jo, Fiona, Tamsin, Toby, Tristan, Stevie, Meegs, Marc, Madeliene, Les... and then also other 'village people' like Cath whose blog is here... and others whose faces I know but can't remember in my feverish brain.

How to go back to normal life after this? I have no idea, but am having 10 days off to chill as a buffer zone then back to the gallery on a casual basis and then? Too far into the future to even contemplate... I have applied to DOHA, but have yet to hear anything, am keeping my fingers crossed.. touch wood etc.

Other highlights from last night....
dancing to Love Generation which they played about 6 times over the course of the night, an incredibly cheesy but infectiously positive song, kind of like the new Don't Worry Be Happy.... watching Chrissy & Tristan do fabulous tango while skidding around on those little white balls that come out of bean-bags & her doing a spectacular fall.... bawling my eyes out again... drinking 'found' wine at the Aussie 'village' with Chrissy & Cath et al. and taking stupid photos of ourselves and laffing at them... digital cameras are the BEST thing ever invented... dancing with Jo on coffee tables that were not designed to be danced on and kept tipping over sideways sending me flying into couches and bruising my knees.... Food, yes I actually ate something... playing soccer and actually scoring a goal! This is the girl who hates sport and hasn't kicked a ball since high school, goes to show it doesn't really need much skill does it?? ;-)

Can't think of any others, my mind is fuzzing back over for the moment... Will post some photos soon... Love Love Love... Feel the Love Generation going through my head... wonder if this is good for my mental health? It's 1pm...Could be time to try for some solid food... and time to get ready for the big closing party at the MCG..


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