Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Web Toy: Future Me

One of the most intriguing web toys to come along in ages... Future Me is a site that lets you post an email to yourself in a year's time, or a week or 10 years time, kind of like a time capsule. You can also send one to someone else as well. You can also read other people's emails to themselves... fascinating people watching.. the only problem was I wasn't able to go back & look at the one I sent myself... but it was something along the lines of: "You are doing too much worrying lately, so don't worry, it will all be okay." etc. etc. I will receive it in 12months time, I wander what the 12-months time Stormi will be thinking & doing?? gawd, I think I'm the 2nd-most self-absorbed person I know, second probably only to my ex. ;-)


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