Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Quote: Soul Mates

Some intersting pop-psych to think about...

"Why is it so hard to find a soulmate?" asks psychologist Carolyn
Godschild Miller in her book Soulmates: Following Inner Guidance to
the Relationship of Your Dreams

Her answer: "Because most of us are actually searching for egomates
instead. We place the most limited and unloving aspect of our minds
in charge of our search for love, and then wonder why we aren't
succeeding. To the degree that we identify with this false sense of
self, and operate on the basis of its limited point of view, we aren't
looking for someone to love so much as recruiting fellow actors to take
on supporting roles in a favorite melodrama."

I love that... "supporting roles in a favorite melodrama", it's like we pick people who might just screw us over the way our parents were screwed over, or alternatively pick people who we can screw over, and on & on because it feels so familiar... and all the time we just love the drama of it all, we're enraptured with the drama but it keeps us from really growing, from being truly happy.

There has to be a time in one's life when one is ready to let go of the drama & open up to something else. hmmm.. but what is that something else? Taking responsibility for one's own life? Not picking people who you know are losers or inappropriate from the start? hmmm...


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