Thursday, December 01, 2005

Adult Beverage: Margarita

So Dana sends me this in email: we NEED MARGARITAS.
Three of these babies later and I've forgotten the crappy day I had and I am amazed that it took me all of my life to discover this wonderful tasty treat...[why didn't someone tell me about these earlier??] They must be some kind of sacrament, or medicine for the soul... do yourself a favour, you won't regret it.. (ps.. I think I have Margarita receptors in my brain)


Blogger Icarus said...

But its not vodka!

Admittedly I think this weekend has been designated tequila weekend by visiting backpacking netfriend. But still vodka!

Hope your hangover wasnt too bad

Icarus Abides

3:34 AM  
Blogger Monkey Girl said...

Someone told me that tequila is slightly psychoactive.. and methinks it's probably true.. hangover had quite a clear quality actually, not like the cheap champagne hangover I got from my work xmas party. That lasted for 2 days. yuchhh... ;-)

10:11 PM  

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