Monday, December 26, 2005

Orphan's Xmas...

I always aspired to be an orphan, but my mother said: You wish. So this xmas due to a myriad of reasons I had an orphan's xmas at mine. I actually had fun without the dysfunctionalities of family b.s. to deal with. Hi-lites:
- champagne cocktails
- chilli prawns done in the wok
- my famous guacamole dip
- smoked salmon
- dancing to 80's hits
- mulled wine
The night ended up with Helena, myself & friend Caz watching Pretty in Pink together. Was lovely, especially the bit at the prom in the end. sheesh... was a real trip into adolescent nostalgia, i remembered when we all wanted a nice sensitive boy like Andrew McCarthy!! He's all grown up now.. google him if you want a laugh...


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