Friday, February 03, 2006

moving & changing

Dearest Sacred Profanities readers... I am going to be moving house in the next few weeks so my life is going to be in complete & utter turmoil & chaos... what fun! So I shall be offline for a few weeks while my life gets put into boxes & then back out again at the other end.

Until then here are some random pic's ...

On the corner of Queens Pde & Hoddle... so well done!

I always had a feeling she was an alien...

Oh my gawd! I'm on tv & I'm freakin'!!

The Goddess of my Garden.

... see you in a few weeks my lovelies... until then you can contact me on the mobby but only those lucky people who are in my inner sanctum circle thingie whatsy... ;-)
Stormi-Embracing-Chaos, over & out, M. xxxxxxxxxxx


Blogger LadyCracker said...

enjoy the move stormi

xxx LC

9:02 PM  

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