Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Athlete's Village Hi-jinx

The time is 1am and I'm working at the Athlete's Village for the Commonwealth Games. My role is a front-desk reception person, kind of like a youth-hostel front desk. There's nobody in my Resident Centre at the moment besides 2 cleaners who are cleaning and will soon mop the floor around me as well, soon I will be overwelmed with the stench of industrial-strength cleaning chemicals. Yum.

Night shifts are kind of weird. I haven't ever done one, except for when I was throwing raves in San Francisco during my misspent but well-extended youth. And that wasn't really like working and I had some chemical assistance to stay awake and dancing for 8 hours. But enough waxing nostalgic. I'm right here, it's right now, 1am and there are some very fun things about this job: huge plasma screen & I have the remote control [drunk on the power]. Also there is much uninterrupted time for me to work on my blog.

Speaking of which, thanks so much for coming back to SP [Sacred Profanities] although I've not written for quite some time... moved house etc. new job etc. excuses, excuses... [please pleaes please leave a comment because I'm dead curious as to who actually still reads this.. go on don't be shy!]

Saw some movies... Brokeback Mountain: which I thought was okay, was expecting to be more moved by it, but I barely broke out a tear. And I usually weep quite easily. Not sure why I didn't empathise with the characters, maybe b/c I'm not a gay male cowboy, but I think its beautifully made & thought that Heath's acting was amazing, however, it didn't really rip my guts out.

Back here in the Village I've just tuned into Letterman show at 1:30am. Am working until 7:30am. Fuck me I'm not sure how I'm going to make it. Apparently a bunch of english are due here at 6:30am to watch the soccer as they are want to do.

The sporting world is very different from the arts world, I'll just state the bleedin' obvious there. The first month here was fabulous... lots of training and getting to know you games. Have met some really lovely people, a really eclectic bunch of Resident Centre Supervisors we are. There's 29 of us from all backgrounds. Actually I've had so much fun I don't know how I will assimilate back into the real world after all this hi-jinx. We have the best job here, we're like cruise directors for the athletes. And our supervisors are pretty amazing too. I don't ever want to leave, I want the games to go on forever..

This second month is a bit more full on with hardcore shift work, there's early shifts from 6.30 which are killers, and afternoon from 2.30 to 11.30. And the graveyard, of only which I have two. I'm surprisingly quite awake still, I think I've passed that sleepy phase.

Am watching David Letterman on TV. Americans are weird, and I can say that because I am one.

Not many athletes have arrived yet, still feels a little like a Lego village.

I'm starting to ramble on... here's some photos...

Meri & Jo Jo...

Pizza Time with Meri & Meegs...

Chrissy, Deb & Eyes-Wide-Shut Meri


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