Thursday, March 23, 2006

Athlete's Village report #2

Hi Kids.. so today is the first day of getting up at 5am that I actually feel GOOD. Yes, one week to go at the Village and I've finally gotten used to getting up at 5am in the morning & going to work. So weird hopping on the bike at 6am and riding through darkness, but I've seen some cool things like the hot air balloons floating above the city & people actually running at this time.. There's a whole different world out there at 6am, it's like a different city, it even smells different.

The Athlete's village is kind of winding down now and they're spending more time relaxing & just chilling out. The pressure is off. This experience for me has been like being a spy in a new world and also like travelling without leaving home. Have met some amazing peoples. It's been fascinating to see the relationship that they have to their bodies, their bodies are like high-performance vehicles that the push to the nth degree to squeeze all they can out of them.

Aesthetically I've seen some amazing bodies... and I'm really speaking from a purely visual point of view here ;-). The African runners are like living sculptures, wish I was allowed to take photos.. they all seem so humble and chilled out. Out of all the nationalities they are the most polite and relaxed. The aussies are the prima donnas of the village - they don't mix that much with the others. Snobs.

Trying to write this blog is v. frustrating b/c people keep bothering me with questions [oh that's right, I'm here for customer service!], so I will try again later, later... Love Love Love, Meri xx


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