Saturday, May 27, 2006

Other intriguing books...

Other books on my TO BUY list..

<- Salley Vickers, The Other Side of You.. seems to be intelligent writing & great plot.. woman falls in love with her psychiatrist. Sounds juicy. Click here for reviews.

William Burroughs, The Yage Letters Redux, is an updated version of Burroughs' journey into the Amazon jungle hunting the ultimate chemical 'high': his search for the sacred ayahuasca. There is a heap of new material in here, a bunch of lost letters have been included that reveal more about the trip than his original text. I've always been into his writing because it is so on the edge of anything that was written then or even now. The problem with Burroughs was that he was so ahead of his time. Pick up Junky or Naked Lunch or any of his others and they are so incredibly contemporary, so rich. Great stuff. Review here... and here's a longer more in-depth one in the Independent.


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