Saturday, July 08, 2006

Corporate Poet.

To pay for my poetry/writing habit I've had to go back to the corporate world. Yes, after 3 years of bohemian inner-city bliss (& rising credit card debt to pay for it all) I've had to bite the bullet & buy a suit (eee-gads!) and head back into the corporate jungle.

The national telecommunications/IT company I have joined (on a temp basis at the moment) shall remain nameless, BUT I'm happy to report that in the last few years the corporate world has changed a great deal - for the better.

They now have meditation classes, yoga classes, free fruit (yes! free fruit!!) and everyone leaves at 5pm! Fuck me, this is not too bad. There's still those kennel-boxes, fattening pens, but they all have low dividers so you can actually see people around you.

And on Fridays they crack open the Crownies & the Chardonnay at 4pm and all work stops.

The building I'm in is totally feng-shui'd. Each level has a theme: earth, air, fire, water & people. Yes, people, not just human resources.

I'm on the 'earth' level, which is pretty good since I'm an earthy-type woman person.

I wonder if this more human work environment is due to 9/11 or what I don't know, but at this point I'm not complaining. Or if its just that those in control of these large companies have finally figured out that happier people actually work better & a positive environment in the end is good for everyone.

Signing out, the corporate poet. M. xx


Blogger Street said...

Wow, that's not such bad job..its great.. and hope you can write more.. cheers.

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