Monday, June 12, 2006

Film: Shop Girl

Watched this on DVD last night & was pleasantly surprised. It's a romantic comedy for all those people who don't like the usual formulaic Hollywood-type romantic comedies.

I absolutely LOVE Jason Schwartzman (spunk!) and also good ol' Steve Martin. There's a lovely style to this movie, its got great atmosphere and the cinemaphotography makes LA actually look beautiful - quite a feat really. The dialogue is snappy, clever & original... And in the end true love wins out, as it always does.

Favorite scene: the tastefully done first seduction scene with Claire Danes & Steve Martin.

There's also a nice bit when JS is leaving a message on CD's phone and is reading directly from a self-help book on intimacy in relationships, apologising to her for 'objectifying' her... classic.

Have not read SM's book of the same name [Shopgirl], but have heard it's a good read.

Nice soundtrack too, not what you would expect, mostly classical music.



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