Saturday, September 16, 2006

Film: Last Days

I watched this movie late last night. Fuck. Amazing. I love Gus Van Sant directing. Done with such compassion & sublime poetry. He does these long, long takes with no edits - this really brings you into the scene, makes it really intimate.

And its funny because I didn't find it too dark or depressing. Almost like in the end the main character, Blake (based on Kurt Cobain, but not really a telling of Kurt's story) takes his own life as the ultimate act of self- compassion & release from the thing that he has created & that has become too big for him. This made me really re-think suicide as an option for some people, meaning that we can't judge it at all. There is no way we can have an opinion on it as a choice, its such a personal, individual choice.

That being said, my own views on this have always leaned towards that of: why leave the cinema when the movie is half-way through? Even if the film is bad, I want to stay to see how it ends, the suspense is too much for me, I have to get up every morning because I'm afraid I might miss something really wonderful when it comes along, because it invariably does.

A beautiful film on a sad life, made with compassion & soul.

Stormi out. xxx


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