Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sunday bliss...

Woke up this morning feeling so damn GOOD, yeah! (leaps up & punches sky) . EXTREME positivity is affecting my being lately. I had this feeling like I don't want to crave for anything. Everything I need is already here in my life right now, like an immense feeling of gratitude for everything exactly the way it is right now. Got up made myself some Meri Chai and omelet and listened to some Kimya Dawson, The Knife & trashy disco Madonna. Life is good. Soon I will get on my bike & ride to the supermarket & buy the week's supplies. Maybe also some writing & painting today? The sun is shining and a glorious empty Sunday opens up before me. What a blessing. yay. :-) Hope you are happy wherever you too are whatever you are doing... Big smile from Stormi. xxx


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